Grades 6-8

For Grades 6-8 ballet, students select their own style and colour of leotard and it is made-to-measure by Wear-Moi.

Grades 6-8 Leotard

A range of leotards designed by Wear-Moi
From £41.00

Grade 6 Chiffon Skirt

A chiffon skirts designed and made to order by Wear-Moi
From £49.00

Grades 6-8 Character Skirt

A made-to-measure character skirt
From £37.00

So Danca stretch split sole ballet

So Danca stretch split sole ballet suitable for RAD Primary Grade and above

Capezio Transition Ballet Tights

Capezio seamless pink transition ballet tights

Character shoe

A cuban heeled 'syllabus shoe' for character work in Grades 5-8

Crossover cardigan

Acrylic knit crossover ballet cardigan for Grades 6-8 students

Skin-tone Briefs

Skin-tone high cut briefs for under costumes or leotards